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Paradise Now
LunowDate: Monday, 2012-12-24, 1:28 PM | Message # 1
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The story places two close friends, Palestinians Said and Khaled, recruited by an extremist group to perpetrate a terrorist attack in Tel-Aviv, blowing up themselves. However, things go wrong and both friends must separate in the border. One of them, maintaining in his purpose of carry the attack to the end, and the other will have his doubts about it. Written by Alejandro Frias

One of the most controversial and unsettled places on earth is the Holy Land. Israelis and Palestinians are locked in a violent confrontation that impacts the whole world. The unconditional support that the U.S.A. has traditionally give then Israeli government in the conflict between the Muslim Arab Palestinians and the Jewish Israelis has resulted in a lot of tension in the region, and internationally, as most Arabic and Muslim countries (remember from Unit 2 that 22 countries in the world have Arabic as their official language, and 1.2 billion people are Muslims) support the Palestinians. Our unconditional support of Israel comes at a price for our reputation internationally. We have a vested interest in trying to secure a lasting peace in the region (the 9/11 attacks were
partially related to the plight of the Palestinians.

This movie tries to investigate the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the side of the Palestinians. It traces the lives of two potential suicide bombers and raises many ethical questions for the viewers.
trancommajessicaDate: Sunday, 2015-04-12, 11:26 PM | Message # 2
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"Paradise Now" is a film about two Palestinian men who hesitate on carrying out a terrorist attack in Israel. The story is pretty well thought out, the scenery is lovely, and the ending is definitely an interesting one. (No Spoilers! HAHAHA) And while it does imply violent situations, you do not actually see any on the screen. This film allowed me to view terrorist attacks and suicide bombings in a different perspective. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in understanding Arab culture better. 

Jessica Tran
Period 4
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