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The Devil Came on Horseback
LunowDate: Friday, 2011-06-24, 3:20 PM | Message # 1
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The Devil Came on Horseback
In this unflinching documentary chronicling the genocide in Darfur, former Marine Capt. Brian Steidle is forever transformed by the atrocities he witnesses as a military observer for the African Union. Armed only with his camera, Steidle records the killings of black Africans at the hands of Janjaweed militias funded by Sudan's Arab government. With his bleak photos, Steidle focuses attention on the horrors ignored by the rest of the world. - from Netflix

This is a solid documentary. For those of you who enjoyed (not sure that "enjoyed" would be the appropriate word) Darfur Now and The Lost Boys, this would be something that you would like. It fits into the political geography unit (#4) with the ongoing ethnic cleansing in Darfur and the role that the supranational organization, the African Union plays in trying to promote peace in Africa. An interesting part of this documentary deals with the geopolitical implications of the oil that is in the southern part of the Sudan. Notice how the Chinese are moving into Africa and offering their own version of "developmental aid".

In Unit 6 we will study development around the world and try to answer the question as to why some parts of the world are rich while others are poor. The difference between the wealthy "core" countries and the poorer "periphery" countries have intensified since the end of World War II, and some argue that this imbalance has been purposefully planned by the wealthy west who have dominated the planet since 1945. This period saw western countries like the USA and western Europeans increase their wealth.

However, the 21st century might see the ascent of China as a world power, and it might offer the Less Developed Countries a different model for an economic future. After half a century of trying to implement an unsuccessful western model of development (which just made the west richer and the poor poorer), many countries (particularly in Africa) are now looking for alternative approaches to development. The Chinese are stepping in and investing heavily in Africa. This movie does address this issue.[i]
KennyDate: Sunday, 2015-04-12, 6:17 PM | Message # 2
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Kenny Truong
Per. 5

This is a documentary about the situation in South Sudan in 2007. It is a very informative documentary that focuses on the genocide in South Sudan and Darfur that is caused by the Janjaweeds. They are horrible people, riding on horseback, killing, torturing, raping, and raiding people in the villages.  Brian Steidle, a former Marine Captain, arrived in the area and discovers about South Sudan's conflicts. He tells us about his experiences and the truths that he learns about humanity. 

The documentary is similar to what we learn in Unit 4 because it is about the political geography in Sudan. The rebels fought against the government for political reasons such as equality and education for their children. Also the Janjaweeds eventually started attacking the IDP (Internationally Displaced Person) in which Steidle describes the situation at that point an "ethnic cleansing genocide". It also has other terms in the documentary such as the migration of the people because of the push factors of war, deaths, and village destruction. 

My rating for this documentary would be 9/10 because it is very informative about the conflict. It has the viewpoint of the Janjaweed, the UN, and the people. It has many stories of what is going on in the villages and stories told from the people themselves. Stories about the love ones that got killed, villages that got destroyed, and the anger and frustration to the government. If anyone wants to learn about the situation in Sudan or Darfur, this documentary should be a must watch.
Forum » Additional Suggested Movies » Unit 4 » The Devil Came on Horseback
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