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Forum » Book Reviews By Students » Collapse by Jared Diamond » **** Four Stars (Kristy Flores)
**** Four Stars
kristyDate: Tuesday, 2011-06-21, 9:03 PM | Message # 1
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biggrin Collapse is a very good book in both story plot wise and the way the author , Jared Diamond , analyzes all the aspects he is discussing about. Well the book mainly is about how a society gets affected by its environmental conditions. He starts off by talking about Montana and its enivronmental impact as well as detailed aspects of what the state is about to fully understand his reasoning to why he ties Montana into with past socities. Throughout the middle parts of the book he disscuses past societes such as Easter Island, The Vikings, The Mayans etc. The author really gives u a detailed knowledge about why socities such as those mentioned collapsed and gives you a clear understanding to what specific reasons and how our present society can learn from what happened. All the topics covered are reffered back to the environment and how one might not think it has a huge impact on socities well it does. The book at first might start of slow because it covers a present state but going into past civilizations such as the Mayans it gets real interesting. For exapmle, the author mentions how the Mayans were the most "advanced" civilizatin there was before the Europeans came. They were advanced in their writing etc. compared to other civilizations. Another intresting pin point was why did civilizations locate the places they did geograhpically knowing all the endless places the could have settled. An example, are the Polynisians they located on top of 3 volcanoes. Also it talks about the presnt in China how it is the most damaged environmentally and will result in huge problems in every aspect and relates all the topics back as well to business. Threoughout the book i would say most of the vocab terms from APHUG are said in the book and it relates too all the Units covered. It might mainly be about the environment but it also talks about agricultural , urban land use , industrilization , culture , and population. It would be a highly recommended book because the novel as well as the author are very well known and overall is an intresting book that will keep you want to read. biggrin
Forum » Book Reviews By Students » Collapse by Jared Diamond » **** Four Stars (Kristy Flores)
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