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Forum » Book Reviews By Students » The Dead Yard by Ian Thomson » 4 stars ****=] (the dead yard ian thomson)
4 stars ****=]
jasonbDate: Monday, 2011-06-20, 6:40 PM | Message # 1
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The author of the Dead Yard Ian Thomson. A white British, goes to Jamaica’s modern day society to gain information on how and why Jamaica is the corrupt and impoverished island it is now. Since independence from Britain in 1962. Prior to independence Jamaica was a huge asset to Britain in the sugar industry during the time that slavery existed. And according to The Dead Yard one of the main reason for Jamaica’s economic misfortunate was the heavy reliance and influence of America. Kingston, Jamaica’s shanty towns are split into war zones between two opposing political parties supported by gangs and drug lords, Jamaican labor party vs. the People’s national party. The war in poverty is ongoing because which ever political party wins has control, it really is a matter of survival and who’s going to eat or not. Also it goes to the subject or racism in Jamaica, Thomson shows how the rise of “Black Power” in the 1970’s led to hatred and violent discrimination. To the minorities of Jamaica. He also gains information on Jamaica’s anti gay motto and the hatred of gays throughout the whole island. He also goes and discovers the musical and religious side of Jamaica. The hearth of Reggae music, Jamaica he discovers the origin of the music and how it was diffused throughout time. Music is usually used to release the stress that people in society go through. The epilogue talks about Americas involvement in Jamaica. And concludes that Americas involvement will intensify because of the proximity to communist Cuba and to keep China from gaining economic supremacy in the Caribbean. I enjoyed the dead yard because it opened my eyes on my view of Jamaica I had prior knowledge before reading the dead yard but I honestly learned more about Jamaica’s politics and corruption and the country’s history of mixed culture and slavery during the rule of Great Britain. I really learned a lot from reading this book and I encourage future Ap human geography students to read the Dead Yard. I gave this book four stars because I honestly don’t think I would have enjoyed this book as much as I did if I didn’t love Jamaican music as much as I do. The Dead Yard covered three unit topics in Human Geography.(3) Cultural patterns and processes, Thomson talks about Jamaica’s present cultures. (4) Political organization of space, talks about Jamaica’s politics and their two party political system, JLP vs. PNP and the political corruption involved in the government. Also ties in to (6) Industrialization and economic development because Thomson talks about how Jamaica has held their economy “independently” since their departure from Great Britain in 1962.

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Forum » Book Reviews By Students » The Dead Yard by Ian Thomson » 4 stars ****=] (the dead yard ian thomson)
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