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Forum » Book Reviews By Students » The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein » *** 3 stars (Catherine Vu)
*** 3 stars
CatheyvuDate: Wednesday, 2011-06-15, 7:54 PM | Message # 1
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The Shock Doctrine, I have to say was a very hard book to read. However, after many pages of ancedoting and rereading every word to capture the images that Naomi Klein was trying to create. I FINALLY UNDERSTOOD IT! It gave me a whole new outlook on the world and it all orginated and started with a man named Milton Freidman. Milton Friedman believed and persuaded other governments that only a "crisis"(such as wars, natural disasters, or economic resession) is when real change can actually be produced. Or in other words, where an oppurtunity for the governments to enforce their own plan, and if successful, gain much fame for it. (How terrible right! and it just gets much shocking!) Next, the world, in her beliefs, were believed to be overrunned with experiments- population wise and economially.
Torture was the experiment. A man, by the name of Dr.Hebb, wanted to test if he had the ability to brainwash human beings and incorporate new personalities in them. So he persuaded 20 students and payed them 20 dollars an hour for them to be isolated in a box, eyes blindfolded, and all hands, ears, and arms to be unmoved and untouched. It even expanded for the doctors to make the students into continous sleep and constant drugging!
Experiments on the economy was the other. Whenever, there was a economic crisis they used that as an oppurtunity for them to enforce more corporations and more buildings for their own benefits. Futhermore, they relied on Milton Freidman's shock therapy and cut all inflation, government spending, and all public spending in the belief of an "economic miracle" after that.

So therefore, I believe that if you are able to understand this book and find these facts fascinating, then I would recommend this book to you! Otherwise, don't because you will regret it my dear future ap hug students. biggrin
Forum » Book Reviews By Students » The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein » *** 3 stars (Catherine Vu)
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