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Forum » Book Reviews By Students » The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein » *** 3 stars?! (a book that changes how people see things.)
*** 3 stars?!
brianetcDate: Tuesday, 2011-06-21, 11:11 PM | Message # 1
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"Hah!" was the last thing i said when i finished this book, because it was one of the most challenging assignments I've been met with this year. So let's start off what this book is about. Naomi Klein (the author) goes over how and why economic policies turned out the way they are in the cold war to today. It all links back to an economist that goes by the name of Friedman, a man who wants to back the laissez faire days of the pre-great depression and despises the fact he has been overshadowed by Keynesian econmics for his struggle to the top. Naomi Klein compares this man's method of economics to the CIA's developed method of torture heavily. Every country mentioned in this book went through the same pattern, they got shocked by a horrible economy or by natural disasters, and then the government privatizes or sells off public sanctions to corporations while the people are confused and shocked from the crisis they are in. My opinion about this book? It's a very very very good book..... if you have time. Why? Well before reading this book, Mr. Lunow said this "It took me a whole summer to read this book." I recommend this book to people who read as fast as lightning like the other reviewer Joseph Pham. "Dang how fast did you read it" -Brian Mai "Oh, it took me two days" -Joeseph Pham. When i read this book it did NOT take me 2 days. Despite the suffering i gained from this book... it was a pretty damn good book. I can tell the effort the author put into this book. All her claims are not groundless, and most of her facts are interesting to the end. This books is like... a history book at a different point of view. Ever wanted to know what happened behind the scenes in Cold War Latin America? Ever wondered why the Asian Tigers became the Asian Tigers? Ever wondered why many countries hate America. This book explains pretty much all that. What I dislike about the book besides the book length is how graphic the book was. I read about things I really didn't know that humans could actually do that to other humans. I'm not gonna lie but... it was horrible to read about those things. Y'know, when Mr. Lunow helped me pick out books he said "Hey, Brian I think you'd like The Shock Doctrine" and when I started this book I was all "hmm the font seems generous, and the book size is a bit much, but hey! Mr. Lunow said I'd like it." So i read it and after the first few chapters i was horrrified at how Naomi Klein starts off her book. It was very interesting!... but still horrifying. After I finished this book, I started to realized there is a crapload of corruption out there wacko . It made me realize how blind i was to the world out there. I think everyone should read this book... but not during a school year. I'll explain it from a few point of views.

Added (2011-06-21, 9:01 PM)
Sophomores, if you chose this book, I wish you luck, because there are some terms in there that you might not understand. In fact, there were a lot of terms i didn't understand. Naomi Klein uses a lot of... economists lingo.... So don't attempt this book because of inexperience and limited vocabulary along with limited knowledge. You will not understand anything in this book unless you are some inhuman super student genetically bred to tackle down academic courses and challenges with ease as though your creators said "The Perfect...student..." in a Russian accent when they created you.

Juniors, if you're a Mr. Sharp student I guess you could do okay reading this book. However, if you have Ms. Bush.... start begging on your knees and start groveling so that Mr. Lunow will give you another book. Why? This book is like your 2nd East of Eden and it will be your East of Eden. Avoid this book at all cost to all you Ms. Bush students out there, It will drain you completely. Like Alice in East of Eden you could get consumed by the workload.

Seniors, I speak from experience when i talk about this book in this point of view. I struggled with the war that raged within my conscince; it was a war between my obligation as a student to do homework....and my senioritis. This book was not easy to finish because as an AP English student I have been exhausted of all the effort and energy I had to read books expecially Owen Meany. You thought Owen Meany was the last book you'd ever read for the year but Oh Ho! it's not. If you picked this book and you ended up with this book, If you can and if you do start off as soon as possible and read it little by little like.... divide up the pages by the number of day you have until presentation day, it could help lots. It is however very unlikely me to do that kind of strategy. It's weird but I have this awkward tendency to do my homework past midnight. I just get like this adrenaline rush in academics to work with maximum efficiency. So I had a few sleepless nights reading this book and in the end i was really tired (took like a 4 hour nap the day i finished this book). When I finished this book however... I felt a feeling that felt like... 1000 years of bondage was lifted off my shoulders and I could take to the skies and ascend to freedom; it was a great feeling of extreme relief and relaxation. So if you have this book in the senior year I wish you luck. But then again this book will most likely be compatable to seniors because of the experience you learned in the economics class (better if you're in AP econmics/civics) because you will learn all your economics lingo and understanding in that class.

By and by overall i recommend this book ONLY AS A free time book. If you read this as an assignment then... alas by friend prepare for a long journey that could tip the tides of the battle between your grade, and your sanity. All forms of students will have critical weaknesses reading this book, and wish you all luck.

Also Mr. Lunow, thanks for recommending this book to me despite the long winded post about it tongue . It really fed my sense of... justice, and i kinda needed that feeding to kindle a sense of determination to tackle my major in the criminal justice field. This book helped me want to make a difference in a battle against corruption out there in the world. Even it was a long book and i felt like i suffered more overall, I liked it smile .

To those who read to the end of this post thank you, I kinda put my heart and soul into this post and I really appreciate it if you read till the end of this post.

Added (2011-06-21, 9:03 PM)
Also if I were to rate this book if I read this FOR FUN. I would give it a 5/5 stars

Added (2011-06-21, 11:11 PM)
EDIT EDIT EDIT not keynesian its Keynes econmics.

Forum » Book Reviews By Students » The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein » *** 3 stars?! (a book that changes how people see things.)
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