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The Way
LunowDate: Friday, 2017-12-22, 9:15 AM | Message # 1
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A father goes to Spain to recover the body of his son who died while traveling the "El camino de Santiago", one of the world's great
religious pilgrimages. He decides to take the pilgrimage himself and
walks from France to Santiago de Compostela. This movie is an excellent
character study showing off the food, culture, and landscape of one of
the world's most culturally rich places.
21jluuDate: Sunday, 2018-04-08, 12:57 PM | Message # 2
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Jasmine Luu
Period 1
Mr. Lunow
8 April 2018

    In the film, The Way, an American doctor named Tom who walked the Camino de Santiago, or The Way of Saint James, in France. The main character chose to finish this trek to honor his son who died on this path. During the nearly 500 mile trail, he was accompanied by Joost, a man from Amsterdam, Sarah, a Canadian, and Jack, an Irish writer. Tom''s new friends all took up this journey for different reasons. Throughout the adventure, the group encounters conflicts like thieves. From this experience, Tom learns many valuble lessons and understands more about the world.
    This movie relates to culture because this trail gives an insight into the the culture of Spain. On the trail, the landscape is modified by the culturl group that traveled along the path. Also, they were given food that reflected the culture of the people that inhabited the areas.
    Overall, I would rate this movie a 6/10. I didn't really like the plot because it was kind of boring. There wasn't a lot of complexity or action which I like. Although, I liked how the group of characters was diverse, and the characters were well-dveloped. To add, this film was very educational on the culture of this area.
jessicapelagio12Date: Sunday, 2018-04-08, 9:16 PM | Message # 3
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Jessica Pelagio
Period 4
TITLE: The boy in the striped pajamas ( I couldn't create a new thread for this movie so I just put it here)

The Boy In the Striped Pajamas is about two boys with different cultural backgrounds that have a strong but dangerous friendship. Bruno, is a German boy, son of a new Nazi commandant at a concentration camp. Shmuel is a Jewish boy who is in the concentration camp. Both of these boys are innocent to their surroundings and don't know the reality that is happening . Despite their differences, they seem to really enjoy one another's company. This was a great movie because even though it isn't true, it is heartwarming to watch them like each other and become friends.

I would rate this a 5/5 because it made me cry in many scenes and it shows how you aren't born to hate someone, you learn to. Bruno didn't know who his friend was, he just felt lonely and when he found him, he was happy to play with him behind the fence.

This related to APHUG because it shows cultural identity. It took place during the holocaust so the Nazi party was dominant and mostly all the Germans had to go along with what Hitler did, if they didn't they would get killed and Bruno was unaware of the whole situation so he didn't really know about his friend, Shmuel. Germans believed that the Jews and all minority groups had to be eliminated so that the Arynian race could prosper so it can also be seen as genocide.
Forum » Additional Suggested Movies » Unit 3 » The Way
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