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Forum » Additional Suggested Movies » Unit 6 » Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
LunowDate: Thursday, 2011-12-29, 2:59 PM | Message # 1
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Trader Jake (Shia LaBeouf) tries to mend the broken relationship between his fiancée, Winnie (Carey Mulligan), and her father, Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas), while avenging the fate of his mentor, Lou (Frank Langella), by getting close to Wall Street's new megalomaniac, Bretton James (Josh Brolin). Centered on the 2008 financial crisis, director Oliver Stone's follow-up is a modern-day ode to unfettered capitalism and, of course, greed. - from Netflix

I am not sure that a lot of high school students (or even many adults) will understand derivatives, sub-prime mortgages, and all of the other financial shenanigans that led to the crash of the US (and subsequent global) economy. That said, this movie does introduce the concept that since the 1980s, the USA has seen a radical shift in the kind of economy that we have.

Prior to the 1980s, the USA was primarily a manufacturing economy. We became the world's wealthiest nation by making things (manufactured goods). However, since the 1980s, we have allowed the banking sector to stray from its original purpose of facilitating capitalism (making loans to help develop industry) into a new mechanism for creating wealth.

Banks now look to make money. Investment and speculation have replaced manufacturing as the chief means for making money in our economy.

This movie is a drama and follows the hugely successful Wall Street movie of the 1980s. I recommend this movie, even though I think most students will not immediately understand what is happening. Slog through it. It will make a lot more sense when we discuss the global economy.
LisbethDate: Sunday, 2015-04-12, 5:41 PM | Message # 2
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Lisbeth Gonzalez- Period 5

    In Wall Street: Money never Sleeps, I learned a lesson; Money moves everything. One of the main characters Gordon Gekko made me have mixed emotions towards him. Wall Street honestly seems incredible. These people are so rich. After watching the movie I did research of my own and I was impressed.  The money these people making seriously buy them anything whenever they want it. Throughout the movie it was really hard you know what characters to trust and which ones not to. I felt like most of the characters had more interest making money, they didn't like to lose.  The companies are becoming more and more developed. The plot of this movie would consist of all characters backstabbing each other for their own profit. This will be not only has the most attractive men but it teaches one about economics. Gekko it's released from prison and wants to go straight into business. Gekko meets up with his soon-to-be son-in-law, Jacob, they talk about money and Winnie. Jacob gets in touch with the man that sent Gekko to prison and starts working with him. After a while the guy that Jacob was working for sell him out. Gekko tells Jacob about money he set up for Winnie so they can fix conflicts with that. Gekko ends up taking that money and turning it into 1 billion dollars. Jacob reunites with Gekko and they reconcile but Gekko still doesn't seem trustworthy. I learned that money is very important. The men on wall street have honestly inspired me and left me speechless.
Forum » Additional Suggested Movies » Unit 6 » Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
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