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The Corporation
LunowDate: Monday, 2012-03-26, 7:44 PM | Message # 1
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"Filmmakers Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott explore the genesis of the American corporation, its global economic supremacy and its psychopathic leanings, with social critics like Noam Chomsky and Milton Friedman lending insight in this documentary." - from Netflix

This is an outstanding movie. It starts with a fascinating historical analysis of the corporation. It traces the roots of the corporation to the early American concept that the corporation was a short-term association of concerned citizens who came together to create projects designed to promote the common good. It then traces how the corporations became Frankenstein. No longer short-term associations, and no longer designed to promote the common good for the citizenry. This is a must-see documentary.
samanthaammann22Date: Sunday, 2016-04-17, 4:12 PM | Message # 2
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Samantha Ammann
Period 2

This documentary was very interesting to me.  The metaphors that are created in the movie give easy to understand comparisons for their audience to understand.  It brought up issues with corporations only thinking about profit and not about human life which made me think about my own life and my goals.  I am majoring in Business Administration and have plans of being a CEO of my own company one day and the movie gave me a reality check.  The corporations presented in the movie have no compassion to human life.   That is not how I want to run my company.  I want to make a difference and not end up like Monsanto.  

The movie relates to our course because it ties together the way central business districts are placed with people in order to make profits.  In previous units we have discussed about outsourcing and how companies move jobs to least developed countries to increase the amount of money they have.  In this movie is shows the effects of outsourcing and how it can end up not helping the countries at all.  For example one woman from the movie was saying how even though she is working it is not enough to keep her family stable, but because she doesn't have education or other working skills she has no choice but to work in the factory.  In some extreme cases abuse happens in the factories and children who could be getting an education are not getting an education because of how much time is required of them to work.  

Overall, the movie was an eye opening experience for me that I will remember for my future career plans.
Forum » Additional Suggested Movies » Unit 6 » The Corporation
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