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Forum » Additional Suggested Movies » Unit 7 » Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman
Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman
LunowDate: Thursday, 2011-06-23, 10:03 PM | Message # 1
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Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman

Filmmaker Eric Bricker directs this fascinating documentary about the life and times of architectural photographer Julius Shulman, whose work is known for helping to launch the careers of giants like Rudolf Schindler and Frank Lloyd Wright. With insight from fellow architects Frank Gehry, Ricardo Legorreta and Shulman himself, Bricker's effort illuminates the legendary artist's gift for capturing space, form and design. - from Netflix

This is a great movie - if you are into architecture. My dad is an architect, and I can remember driving around looking at houses when I was growing up. He would point out things in the houses that we would go and see. He would show me where the windows are and how they manipulate light, the angles and shapes of walls, and all the other nuanced aspects that reflect the dreams and ambitions of designers. Unfortunately we live in Orange County, which is almost devoid of personality and individuality. But, cheer up, LA is just up the road...

This movie follows the work of photographer Julius Shulman who devoted his life to taking photographs of modernist architecture. A lot of the movie focuses on the modernist movement in LA and the surrounding areas. The result of this movement is some spectacular buildings that blend human space with nature. This movie could also fit into Unit 3 - Culture. It deals with the rise and fall of the popularity of the modernist style of architecture and its replacement in the 1960s with postmodernism. While you do not need to know all the details of the different architectural styles, this movie will introduce the idea that styles of housing reflect popular culture, and as such, are subject to change over time.

Even though most of you will find this movie boring, I still highly recommend it. There is spectacular beauty in the harmony that Shulman is able to capture in his pictures. In addition, a lot of the cinematography is art on its own. And many of the buildings in this movie are close enough to us that you can go and visit it.
AaronDate: Monday, 2015-04-06, 8:32 PM | Message # 2
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Aaron Mai - Period 4

    I  am giving Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman
a 4/5. Interesting topic on modern architecture and how it was seen throughout the years by Julius Shulman, a genius at architectural photography. How the whole modern housing business was so heavily influenced by Shulman's pictures and publications through magazines. It was amazing to see his renown in the architectual world and how he traveled throughout the world immortalizing these amazing buildings/homes.

    This movie is a documentary on Julius Shulman life as one of the most important architectural photographer. It is very slow paced and I think not many Aphg students would enjoy this, unless they are interested in modern architecture and just looking at cool houses. It shows how the rise of modern architecture and homes rose and fell, and how Shulman captured the works of some of the greatest modern architechs such as Frank Lyod Wright and Richard Neutra. His style of photography epitomized Socals modernist movement and how he manipulates space to control his "visual acoustics". This movie depicts how the modernist movement was an era of beautiful and natural buildings, how it's important to plan cities and buildings to create a sense of harmony with nature and American pride. Allthough I thought this was a great movie, it might be too bland and slow for the average person. It's opening camera scenes gave me a headache and it was a bit bias towards the post modernist era, only pointing out the bad. Overall great movie, but I would only recommend it to people intrested in architecture and just modern aspects.
Forum » Additional Suggested Movies » Unit 7 » Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman
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