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Forum » Book Reviews By Students » God's Middle Finger by Richard Grant » Review (book review)
k3v1nxDate: Tuesday, 2013-06-11, 9:50 PM | Message # 1
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"Nothing happens in Mexico until it happens." A writer named Richard Grant went on a dangerous adventure and wrote a book called God's Middle Finger. The trip is in Mexico, and he wants to go pass the Sierra Madre even though there are 100% killers there. He gets denied to go forward at places but he keeps on trying to go, but he can't go alone, or he be a dead man. He meets all sorts of interesting people: murders, homosexuals, healers, you name it. The book was interesting to know the outside world and well written. It was told by his point of view and showed what he thinks and intends to do. Eventually, I give the book 4 or 4.5 out of 5 stars, so I would recommend this book to people who like to know the place and travel.
In this book, It relates to unit one in Human Geography. Unit one is about the Nature of Geography, and obviously this book is based on the place. The story takes place in Mexico and the Sierra Madre. It shows the nature of the place and the animals that live in there.
Also, unit two could be added into this book. In the story, it told how the federal soldiers burned the marijuana, and the people that grew them migrated to another city in Mexico. The immigration to that location exponentially increases because of that. Unit two was about population, but migration was part of the unit.
Another unit would be unit three because unit three is about culture. In this book, it tells how the Mexicans like to spend tons of money on parties like weddings and birthdays. They want the parties to be perfect, so they spend great amount of money on it. The also respect the party planners. In this place, you cannot live without knowing Spanish, which is their language, and horseback skills.
The story also ties in with unit four, political geography. Most of the people's ethnic are Mexicans, but they have different groups in each area. There could be an area of bandits or an area full of nice people! They basically mark their territory and some places you get shot on sight.
Well of course, this book has unit five in it. Unit five is about agriculture. The agriculture they grow is marijuana, and they depend on those crops to make money.
Eventually, the book ties in with the urban geography, unit seven. The bandit industry makes tons of money. Most of the thief are rich and only a little are poor. The murders have all the top guns and fine clothes. Marijuana also makes several dollars, too.
                                                            -Kevin Vo
                                                                    period 3
                                                                            Human geography

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Forum » Book Reviews By Students » God's Middle Finger by Richard Grant » Review (book review)
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