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Forum » Book Reviews By Students » Fast Food Nation By Eric Schlosser » Four out Five (Canary Ho)
Four out Five
LunowDate: Friday, 2013-06-14, 2:47 PM | Message # 1
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In the book, Fast Food Nation, Eric Scholosser researches all over
California about industrial and agricultural business booms. He starts
in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, and He summarizes how fast food started with a
man and a hot dog cart to McDonalds overseas. As he goes through the
history of where these businesses originated, he learns about the
terrible secrets hidden from its consumers. Fast food and Hollywood are
not supposed to be a great mix, but both try to compete in being the
popular culture, food production, and real estate. For example, many
factories and businesses try to meet a quota for product demand. They
try to speed up product making. So they’re careless and their products
are dirty and harmful to the consumers. Eric Schlosser learns all about
their little cheat codes in making our food and poor employee health.
Their conditions cause their products to be unsanitary and full of
bacteria. While hundreds and millions of people buy fast food every day,
we are all unaware of where the food has been, where it came from, and
what effect it has on our people. Schlosser wrote this book in belief
that humans all have a right to know what secrets hidden behind ever
product we buy.

How does this book fit into AP Human Geography? This book best illustrates the standards taught in Unit 3. It
teaches parts of agriculture, industries, and cultures. This best
exemplifies how we learned about popular culture. Fast Food industries
fit into this category. Ever since fast food known for quick, ready food
and cheap prices, people got in line to buy them. Since fast food
industries thought this was a simple game, they expanded their companies
overseas and worldwide. Now people young, old, rich, and poor are
acquainted with them.

This book relates to the economic theme for human geography. Popular culture unifies us and we are all connected
to it. This means businesses gain more and farmers lose. Businesses con
farmers out of agriculture, crops, money, etc. Businesses just do not
play by the rules. They have mistreated their animals, causing
development of new diseases.

I would rate this book a four out of five. This book has many times where it has great information and
pulls the reader into it, but at some points, the information given is
dull. He makes a great effort to put details into each chapter.
Sometimes he puts too little detail in what was interesting to read but a
large amount that was unnecessary to other facts. I highly recommend
this book to others that are interested in learning about where their
food comes from.

-Canary Ho (Period 2)
Forum » Book Reviews By Students » Fast Food Nation By Eric Schlosser » Four out Five (Canary Ho)
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